Big changes

We are in the middle of some seriously big changes in our family! For a long time Paul has been pretty dissatisfied with his career. In fact, back when he graduated he knew that someday he would want to go back to school. Well, the time has finally come! This past weekend we moved out of our house and into a condo in Provo and during the next few weeks Paul is officially starting an MBA program at BYU. I think this go around at BYU will be quite different with four kids! But we are all pretty nervous and excited for this new adventure. Although it is hard to leave our home and friends behind in Draper, we've put a lot of thought and prayers into this decision. Here's to the student life, round 2!

Last night in our home :(

First dinner in our new place after a LONG day of moving


hayley said...

Wow, that i so exciting! You are back on the provo scene! What a fun place to go back to school. Such good memories. I wish you guys the best in your new journey!

Clandestine Road said...

This is a huge deal and so great that you guys are taking the plunge. I wish you peace, joy, and the ever illusive balance. You're going to do great.

My husband is also in school and it has been a strange, but enjoyable challenge. I hope it goes quickly for you guys.

Angie L-G

Karen said...


That is really exciting news! What a great campus to return too. (I loved BYU and all the fun memories...many of which you were a part of!!) I wish you guys the best of luck with this new adventure. It will be worth the sacrifice! And I think that you guys will make many wonderful, sweet memories in this chapter of your life.

Ginger said...

Holy Cow! How did I miss this?!?! This sounds like a new and very exciting adventure!

Julie Graham said...

Wow...wow! Heather, this is big! :)Thank you for your example of following His will, knowing it will be a challenge, to say the least! I can't wait to hear of your adventures! Love YOU!